EET easy

EET Plus is an easy way how to report cash and card transactions to the financial administration in the Czech Republic. EET is mandatory from November 2016 for almost everybody who sells goods or offers services in the Czech Republic .

But do not worry. There is a free Android application.

EET Plus is intended for small traders, retailers, pubs, winemakers, farmer stalls, merchants of used goods. EET Plus can be used as a backup EET cash register. It includes all the features necessary to meet the EET requirements and adds a few more useful features. Emphasis is placed on the ease of use. You will not need a printer, you can send receipts in electronic way. But ff you want to print the receipts, you can.

  • The most used free EET application in the Czech Republic
  • EET free of charge, without a flat rate, without limitation of number of receipts, without limitation of the number of devices
  • Electronic EET receipts without the need to buy an EET printer, you can use just a cell phone
  • Possibility to print receipts on bluetooth and WIFI printers
  • Possibility to share receipts via email, sms, whatsapp, …
  • Works on both mobile and tablet (Android)
  • Simple to use, just enter the amount
  • VAT support
  • It does not matter the short-term downtime of the Internet, the application itself solves this problem
  • Sales reports exporting to Excel
  • Export all receipts to Excel
  • The ability to define the receipt header
  • Optional PIN protection

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Smluvní podmínky pro využívání služby EET Plus.

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